What is mAbVault?

mAbVault is the first antibody production coalition of Protein Owners, CROs, and CMOs dedicated to providing stable costs, secure supply chains, and scalable technologies. Wherever you are in the protein development process, mAbVault has the services and partners you need to reach your goals.

What can mAbVault offer?

  • Lock-In Pricing: Pricing guaranteed with Price-Per-Gram services
  • Global Secure Supply Chain: Guaranteed quantities, protein repository, & global partners
  • Protect Quality: Equivalent quality for lower operational costs
  • Safeguard Capital: High margins with low-cost platform and flexible pricing systems
  • Rely On mAbVault: Contracted supply agreement means guaranteed longevity

How does it work?

Our global network matches CROs and CMOs with Protein Owners to create powerful partnerships, regardless of the stage in protein development. The consistent technology platform allows rapid scalability and decreased operational costs, while our supply chain permits just-in-time delivery, redundant suppliers, and decreased product holding costs. For more information, follow the links at the top of the page.

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